Thursday, 23 February 2017

6 Benefits o f Hiring Turnkey Contractors

Turnkey contractors have gradually set up their markets and a number of clients are hiring turnkey contractors in place of regular contractors. As a result of this trend, there has been a major increase in the number of turnkey contractors in Mumbai. 

Some of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of turnkey contractors are:

  • Hassle free:
    Hiring a turnkey contractor promises a hassle free delivery as only a single contract is involved. So no multiple contractors are involved and thus no need for multiple payments or multiple points of contact. Also, the time and energy required in choosing multiple contractors is saved.

  • No hidden expense:
    Since a single contractor is involved, all the prices are declared n the starting if the project itself. It saves any extra or hidden charges that may not have been counted in the first place if many contractors are involved.

  • Single point of contact:
    Since the whole project is handled by a single contractor, there is a single point of contact for every kind of need. This saves the client’s time for managing different points of contact for every department.

  • Harmony in the complete project:
    Since a single contractor or single team handles the whole project, there is an unsaid harmony among the team. This harmony is lacking most of the time if multiple contractors are involved.

  • Minimal responsibility:
    When the client hires a turnkey contractor, he doesn’t have to worry about every step of the construction. He just has to make sure that the contractors have everything to start the project and then relax.

  • Superior service:
    The level of service provided by a turnkey contractor is surely better than multiple contractors as he has to make a name for himself which can be only done by positive feedback's from the clients. In the case of multiple contractors, a defect of one can be covered in a generalized feedback.

Also, in the case of turnkey contractors, uniformity is maintained throughout the project as a single mind is involved in planning the activities. These benefits have made turnkey contractors quite famous in the construction world. This trend of turnkey contractors in on the rise in India also. Quite a number of turnkey contractors in Mumbai have set up their offices and are expanding with every passing day.

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